35 Simple & Easy Toe Nail Art Designs & Ideas

simple toe nail designs ideas
Written by Alina Angel

Here are 35 Simple & Easy Toe Nail Art Designs & Ideas. Nail art is not limited to hand nail but it applied well to toe nails. I have share toe nail designs in my previous column but here I am going to share new designs of toe nail for this summer and I hope some designs will inspire you to apply them on toe nails. Check out more simple nail designs here.

Simple Floral Toe Nail Designs

Different kinds of flowers are drawn on toe nails and they may vary in size and shape.  They look amazing and mostly more than one color is applied. A single base coat on bottom ad draw floral designs in different colors with nail brush. Girls can paste floral stickers and decals on nail if they find it difficult to draw it by brush. Look about these designs on pictures below.

Easy Striped Toe nail Designs

Striped designs are in vogue these days. A number of lines are drawn in nail and filled with different colors. Striped designs can be applied through the use of tapes and strips.

Heart Toe Nail Designs Ideas

Some girls love to draw hearts on toe nails. Mostly they are applied on valentine occasions and date night. Heart shape is very easy to draw and they can be filled with any color. These designs look very appealing and charming.

Glitter Pedicure Design Ideas

Some toe designs can be added with extra charm of glitter. Mostly they are required of formal occasion and night parties as well as wedding occasion. Glitter can be added to heart, floral and striped designs. Look at a number of pictures below.

Toe Nail Art with Rhinestones

Rhinestones are also available in market in metallic and plastic form. They can be added in nail designs to enhance charm and beauty f nails. Mostly brides look for rhinestones in their special day.

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I am a professional beautician and my nail designing is my favorite hobby. I am here to share my experience about nail art designing with my readers.

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