8 Must Do Simple & Easy Fruit Nail Designs Ideas for Beginners

Easy $ Cute Fruit Nail Art Designs With Pictures
Written by Alina Angel

Have you ever listen or watch fruit nail art designs? I think no. today I shared an article about easy and cute nail art designs of fruit. Every girl desires to paint her finger nails with verities of designs. You can also draw your own creative designs on your nails. As you know little girls use little unusual because they are imaginative about their selves. And they always  remain ready to make new things. Girls are very crazy about the latest and unique designs of nail art.

Easy Fruit Nail Designs for Beginners

Colorful fruit nail designs are one of the inspire nail art from little girls they are unique but creative and unique to make our nails beautiful and attractive. We have collected here stunning pictures of fruit nail art. I think you would like this creative idea of fruit nail art. Bright color which have used in fruit nail art will surely make your nails additional charm. You can also use color of your own choice. Tasty, colorful and juicy fruit nail art is best selection of nail art for summer. You can find more Cute Nail Designs for Teenagers here.

Apple Fruit Nail Design

In this nail art apple color, base color, leaf color, stem color, white and a topcoat will used. Then make the shape of heart on the tip of your nail with apple color. For making of stem we should use brown color. With the help of tooth pick make step in the middle of heart. No again using toothpick we will make leave with green color of nail paint. Lastly apply base coat for the long age of your nail art.

Fruit Nail Designs

Banana Nail Art

Use turquoise color to paint the base of your nail. It gives perfect aqua for our nail art. Now make curve shape like banana with yellow nail paint. It will repeat on two to three places on your nail. In final step you have to draw black curve line to give perfect look of banana. Don’t forget to save your nail art with topcoat.

Easy Fruit Nail Designs


In the category of fruit nail designs, watermelon theme is very creative and cute looking. You will start with red base coat to do this design. You will apply red color on the base. Now make French with dark green color of nail paint. You can also draw white lines on green tip. Now make black dots on the red part of your nail.

Cute Fruit Nail Designs

Cherry Nail Art

This nail art is an easy way of painting nails by drawing cherry blossom. Firstly you have you apply white or baby pink color of nail paint for background. With the help of stripper make stem of cherry using green color of nail paint. By using dotting tool make two little boll shape that will represent cherry blossom. Lastly apply topcoat.

Fruit Nail Designs for beginners


Lemon Nail Art

In this nail art yellow color will play main role. Firstly you apply base coat. You can use this nail art in day time. For background you have to apply light yellow color of nail paint then draw shape of lemon on your nail. Repeat this process one by one to each nail.

Fruit Nail Designs


Strawberry Nail Art

In strawberry nail art red, green and black color will be used. Firstly you apply base with red nail paint then use green color for the leave of strawberry. Now make dots with black color of nail paint with the help of toothpick or dotting tool.

Fruit Nail Designs ideas

Grape Nail Art

This nail is rarely seen by others. This nail is little bit difficult but when you will try it will also become easy for you. You can also use stickers for grape nail art. These are easily available in markets

Fruit Nail Designs for teenagers

Orange Nail Art

Firstly use sky blue color for background. Then draw shape of orange. In this nail art orange and white color will be used. It is very simple and easy nail art. Don’t forget to apply base coat and top coat.

Fruit Nail Designs


I hope you really like my own created fruit nail designs. Try to do these designs at home because these are very easy and simple designs. If you face any problem do let me know, I will sort it out for you. If you like this article than do share it with your friends.


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