Easy and Simple Nail Art Designs and Ideas for Summer

simple nail designs for summer
Written by Alina Angel

As every one knows that summer season has started and we have some very simple nail art designs for this summer. We have done some research and finally gathered some of the simplest ideas for you which you can enjoy for this summer. For some reasons and sudden times, there is no enough time for apply different designs. Here simple and easy designs solve problems. Simple designs are very easy to apply if you have different stuffs for applying designs. All you need is strips, nail polish and different kinds of brushes. I have added below a lot of photos which can guide you to apply simple and easy designs. If you are looking for some twist than check out these Simple but Cute Peacock Nail Designs Ideas also.

Simple Striped Nail Art Designs

Strips are of great help in applying designs. All you need is two different colors of nail polishes and strips. First of all apply base coat according to color of your choice later apply strips on desired shapes as horizontal and vertical lines. Apply other nail coat above it. On drying, look at the amazing lines you have created. Below are a number of pictures for this case.

Simple Liner Nail Art Designs

Lines can be drawn instead of strips. However both designs look similar but not so much similar. Apply base coat in any color. Later it is dry than apply different colored lines with nail brushes. Contrasting colors and shiny coat add beauty of the design.

Simple Dotted Nail Art Designs

Dots are applied on nail in no time. Sometimes a combination of lines and dotes add charm of designs. For applying dots and lines use more than three nail colors. Have a look at different nail designs with lines and dots.

I hope you will love to do these simple nail art designs for this summer. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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