7 Cute & Elegant Nail Designs with Crystals for Beginners to Do at Home

nail designs with crystals
Written by Alina Angel

We are in the age of fashion and it’s trends changed within days and hours. Simple one color nail art designs are history and there are many new trends of nail designing are circling in the market. One of the cutest trend is to do nail designs with crystals. Crystals or Rhinestones nail designs were firstly appeared in the winter of 2010 when a famous Singer Rihana start using diamonds on her nails with pretty designs and many women and girls start using replica rhinestones, gems, jewels and crystal to enhance the beauty of their nails. Today I am sharing some very pretty & cute but simple Nail Designs with Crystals. Have a look at these designs and you will understand that these designs are not too difficult and you can try these designs at home if you pay a little attention.

Easy Crystals Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Crystals nail art is a latest style of stunning and dazzling nail art. They give very glamorous and attractive look to you. You can apply these designs on any or on your own wedding. When you will apply different form of crystals then you will see that how this design will bring shining to your nails. You can make your nail art gorgeous with some crystals. These crystals can be obtained from local cosmetic stores or from nail art stores. You have to use nail glue for sticking of stone to your nails. You can use transparent nail polish to avoid the difficulties of glue for fixing crystals. Now I am going to post some unique and qualitative designs of crystals nail art. Have a look at our unique collection of crystals designs. If you don’t know about how to apply rhinestone on nails than do read my brief step by step tutorial about Rhinestone Nail Art.

Stiletto Nail Designs with Crystals

Stiletto nail art with crystal demarcation can be quite a charming and hot choice for the season. You can choose different designs and different shapes for this type of designs. I hope this design of nail art will make your nail very special.

Nail Designs with Crystals

Purple Abstract Crystals Nails

This nail art is simple and easy. This nail art look awesome and flawless when abstract crystals applied on white base. If you want some heavy look then add crystals on whole nail otherwise it can be applied on half of the nail.

Nail Designs with Crystals

Pretty Filipinos Black And White Nail Designs with Crystals

In this nail, special type of crystal “Filipinos “ will be used that makes your nail art charming and glossy. These crystals are different from others common crystals. So if you want to make your day special then I will suggest you to make Filipinos black and white crystals nail art.

nail designs with crystals


Shiny Blue Crystals Nail Art  Design

As you know that blue color is very attractive and beautiful color. Back ground will be colored with blue nail paint then you apply crystals on this nail polish. This nail art will make your hands glossy and shiny.

crystals nail designs

Royal Nail Art With Chunky Crystals

Get some chunky crystals nail art from this beautiful picture. This nail can be made easily at home and it will make your nail marvelous for Christmas party. You can set these crystals properly with nail art glue.

Nail Designs with Crystals

Matte Nude Crystals Nail Art

Matte nude color with attractive crystal makes your personality more attractive. You should try these nail designs because these are very simple and easy. Make nude crystals nail art and ready to look pretty.

Nail Designs with Crystals


Glamorous Crystals Nail Designs

Glamorous nail art is also very fabulous and charming for every occasion. In these nail art specially made crystals have used. You can use here golden, silver and red color for this nail art.

Nail Designs with Crystals


I hope you had a good look at these nail designs with crystals. Now do try these designs to do at home and if you face any problem you can share it with me. I will be happy to sort it out for you. Don’t forget to share these designs with your friends on your social profiles.


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