Six Simple Cute & Easy Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails to Do at Home for Beginners

Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails
Written by Alina Angel

Applying rhinestones on nails is a very artistic work which needs a lot of attentions. We will talk about Easy Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails in this article. I know you already understand what this article is about. The designs I have shared in this article are very simple & easy and any beginner can do these nail art at home. No special tools are needed for these designs. You can do these designs by using your common household items. You may have seen many nail designs with jewel and stud works but most of them are for long nails but these are very unique designs and a very limited numbers of people have knowledge about these rhinestones nail designs for short nails.

Simple Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails Ideas

Here I have shared rhinestone nail art for those ladies who have short nails. You can use different type of rhinestones e.g. studs, stones and pearls of different shapes. These are easily available in markets. I have post here some super simple and easy designs of rhinestones for short nails. They are easily made by everyone. Just try some dots, bows and strips with using different form of rhinestones and different color to make attractive and beautiful nails. If you are looking for more designs have a look at these Simple Rhinestone Nail Designs as well.

Striped nail art with rhinestone

You can make stripped nail art with using rhinestone. It looks very charming and cool. This nail art will gain the attention of people around you. These nail art looks well-polished and attractive. Rhinestone makes your nail shiny and glossy.

Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails

Colorful Rhinestones Nail Art

Using multi-color of rhinestones your hands looks very shinny and beautiful as you can see in following picture. You can make different designs with colorful rhinestone. It will also give fashionable, presentable and trendy.

Easy Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails

Silver Studs Nail Art

Nail art with silver pearls or studs give your hands charming and attractive. You can attach these pearls on whole nails. You can use this nail art on any special day like clubs, birthday parties and wedding. This is most simple and easy nail art designs.

Cute Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails

Flower Rhinestone Nail Art

Flower nail art give natural and adventurous look to your hands. Now we will apply rhinestones of flower shape. Here we will just put these flowers. There is no need of drawing flower with different color. These flowers of various colors are easily available in markets.

Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails

Nude Matte Nail Art With Rhinestone

Nude matte color is very unusual and rare color. I have seen very few people with this color of nail art. This color is very decent and sober color. You can apply nude matte color of nail paint on all fingers and apply rhinestone on ring finger nail.

Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails

Fancy rhinestone Nail Art

For born fire, night parties and wedding function fancy rhinestone nail art should be your pick. They will look stunning, super cool and appealing. This design highlights your beauty and will give chic and classy.

Rhinestone Nail Designs for Short Nails

I am pretty sure you liked these designs and will try to do these designs at home. If you face any problem while doing any design you can consult with me, I will gladly help you to overcome these designs. Don’t forget to share these designs with your friends.

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