How to Apply White And Purple Flower Acrylic Nails Art Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

Flower Acrylic Nails
Written by Alina Angel

Here you will learn, how can you create and apply white and purple flower acrylic nails in my easy step by step tutorial. This tutorial is specially for beginners and every one can try this flower acrylic nails design at home easily. According to my point of view Acrylic Nails are the biggest invention for women of current era. These fake nails make women life very easy and comfortable. Keeping long nails is not possible for every women because they need special care and attention and if you are a working women that it is very difficult to keep your nails long. Here acrylic nails come in rescue. These fake nails are used as nail extension and can give your short nails a long natural look. Today I am sharing a brief, simple & easy step by step tutorial about white & purple flower acrylic nails design for beginners.

White & Purple Flower Acrylic Nails Design Tutorial

Acrylic is type of artificial nails. The people who have problems in having long nails they can also apply acrylic nails. In this way they can follow the fashion trends in this modern era. For the extension of nails some people use these acrylic nails. We know that natural nails with well design and blooming color of nail paint looks very attractive. One important advantage of acrylic art is that artificial nails protect your original nails from any kind of damage during nail art. The people who have difficulty while having long nails so they must try to apply acrylic nails. Similarly today I am going to share one beautiful acrylic nail art of white and purple flower. If you successfully completed this design than do try these Cute Acrylic Nail Designs as well.

Requirements of Flower Acrylic Nails

  • Base Coat
  • Purple, white and yellow color of nail paint
  • Top Coat
  • Dotting Tool
  • Paint Brush

Flower Acrylic Nails Step by Step Tutorial

Following are step by step instruction of easy White and Purple Flower Acrylic Nails. Read these instructions carefully, I have shared this tutorial in a single picture. Have a look at the following picture to get better idea.

flower acrylic nails

Step 1

Apply base coat on your nails for any kind of damage. Firstly make French manicured nail art it will give neat and clean look to your flower nail art. Now make flower shape petals with white color of nail paint on one side of your nails as shown in following step by step picture.

Step 2

For the next step wash the paint brush. Now use purple color of nail paint. Put one drop of purple nail paint in the center on white petals after few second spread it in the middle as shown. Let them free to dry completely. It will nearly take 2 minutes.


Step 3

Make three to four dots nail paint of yellow color in the middle of flower and also make white color of dots with the help of dotting tool on upper and lower side of flower.

Step 4

By giving curve shape with brush make leaves of this flower. For the leaves you have to use nail paint of green color. You can make only one or two short leaves on one nail. Now you have repeat this flower nail art for all nails one by one. Lastly don’t forget to apply top coat. Gap of few minutes between each step is necessary. Because each nail paints take some time to dry.

I hope you have read this tutorial carefully. Do try this cute flower acrylic nails design at home and if you face any problem do consult with me, I will love to help you out. Have a look at the following video which will further guide you in details. Do share this article with your friends on your social profiles.

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