How To Apply Rhinestones on Nails, Simple & Easy Step by Step Tutorial

How To Apply Rhinestone Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial
Written by Alina Angel

In previous article I have discussed a lot about the ideas, designs and pictures of rhinestone nail art. Today I am going to share Easy and Simple tutorial of rhinestone nail art with Step by Ste Instructions. Today I will suggest you some basic step of perfect nail art. By adding rhinestone to your nail you can enhances the glamor and sparkle of your nails. They are not expensive and easy to apply. Here I will tell you about the things which you will required for rhinestone nail art and complete way that how to choose and then apply rhinestones.

Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial Requirements

  • Base Coat
  • Silver Nail Polish
  • White Rhinestones
  • Picker Tool: Dotting tool, Toothpick or Nail Art tweezers
  • Base Coat

Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial Step by Step Instructions

How To Apply Rhinestone Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial


Step 1 Firstly apply base coat and then let it free until it gets dry. It will protect your nail for kind of damage while applying nail art. In this way your nail will remain safe. It will also give strength to your rhinestone.

Step 2 Now select any color of nail polish that will match to your dress. Here I am choosing silver color of nail paint. This color is very attractive and stunning. When base coat dried completely then apply this nail paint.

Step 3 With the help of toothpick or tweezers put the rhinestone on your nail carefully. You make different shapes like heart or circle etc. by applying other rhinestone. Different shapes, sizes and color of rhinestone are easily available in market. Here I have chosen round shape transparent rhinestone. You can also use multicolor of rhinestone.

Step 4 For the protection of your nail art you have to apply top coat on your nails.

Finally your rhinestone nail art has been finished and ready to show. If you face any problem than you can contact us and let us know the problem you are facing. We will gladly sort it out for you. You can also get many rhinestone nail design ideas here. If you like my tutorial than do share this article with your friends on your social profiles.


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