How to Do Easy Nail Designs with Tape Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners to Do at Home

easy nail designs with tape
Written by Alina Angel

Here we will discuss a unique trend to make easy nail designs with tape and nail polish only. Yesterday I was in a get together party with my friends at club where I saw a young girl who was very pretty. I suddenly saw her hands and I was impressed when I noticed her nails. She had beautiful design on her finger nails. I called her and ask her about her nails. She told me about her experience about nail designs and she also told me how she created that design. I was amazed to know when she told me that she did these designs easily by only using simple nail polish and scotch tape. I really liked her designs so here I am sharing some very beautiful but easy nail designs with tape to do at home.

Easy Nail Designs with Tape Tutorial

Girls and women are very curious about maintaining their beauty. To keep their beauty they use make-up, dresses, shoes, hair styling and nail designing. Over all they have to spend a lot of money to maintain their beauty so women always want cheap ways to maintain their beauty. I will help you with this by teaching you easy nail designs with tape tutorials. These are very easy tutorial and you can try these designs at home as they are not very costly.

Easy Lace Nail Designs with Tape Using Dark Grey and White Nail Polish

This is the design I was talking at the start of this article. I saw that girl with this design and I really like this design. To do this design you only need to have a crazy scissor, scotch tape, dark grey and white nail polish. You also need to have a dotting tool but if you don’t have you can use toothpick as well. Have a look at the following picture where you can get step by step idea about how you can do easy lace nail designs by using scotch tape.

easy nail designs with tape

Geometric Shape Nail Designs with Tape

Following picture of geometric shape nails is just for your idea. You can create many different designs of your choice. All you need to do is to apply base coat of your favorite color nail polish and let it dry. Cut the scotch tape in any geometric shape and apply on your nails.After that apply another coat of any shiny color nail polish and put of the tape when your nail polish get dried.

easy nail designs with tape

I hope you already have a closer look at these pictures of easy nail designs with tape. Do try any on these designs at home and if you face any problem you can discuss it with me. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends on your social profiles.

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