How to Do Newspaper Nail Art at Home, Easy Tutorial for Beginners with Step by Step Instructions

Newspaper Nail Art step By Step Tutorial
Written by Alina Angel

Today I have shared a unique article on tutorial of newspaper nail art. A few girls and women know about this nail art. It is very simple and easy nail art designs. Everyone can do it at home no difficulty will come during this nail art. It might seem difficult to apply but in fact very easy and fast nail art. You can easily do newspaper nail art at home. When you will do it then you came to know that Very short time is required for this nail art. Your nail should be properly manicured before any type of nail art because it enhances the beauty of your hand. Also check my easy tutorial about how to apply acrylic nails.

Item Needed For Newspaper Nail Art at Home

Here I am going to tell you about the thing which you will need for “newspaper nail art”

  1. Grey Color Of Nail Paint
  2. Base Coat And Top Coat
  3. Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Small Glass Or Little Cup
  5. Piece Of Old Newspaper

Newspaper Nail Art Tutorial with Step by Step Instruction

Newspaper Nail Art



Newspaper Nail Art step By Step Tutorial

  • Firstly you make sure that your nails are properly neat and clean. If yes then you can start your process of nail art. Base coat is basic step for every type of nail art. You begin with base coat for this trendy influence of newspaper nail art.
  • Now paint your nails with tow coat of grey nail polish. Remember that light color will be best choice for this nail art. When you will apply dark color of nail polish then effect of newspaper will be not clear as on light color. So light color work best for this nail art. Now wait for a few minutes until it completely dried.
  • Now select those pieces of newspaper which you like to have on your nails. You can select text or images of the newspaper. You can also choose your favorite comic characters, horoscopes, different fonts, and more. You have to select black print on white background.
  • Critical step of this process is rubbing alcohol because it will stick print of newspaper on your nails. Pour alcohol in the short glass or in a cup then dip your finger nails in this glass or cup.
  • When your hands are wet with alcohol then immediately pick the piece of newspaper then put on your hand for five minutes. Make sure that your nails are complete wet with alcohol then print of newspaper will stick properly on your nail.
  • After five minutes remove the piece of newspaper and you can see that how beautifully your nails are printed by newspaper. Lastly apply base coat on your trendy newspaper nail art.

I hope now you can understand that you can do this beautiful nail art at home easily. Do try this and if you face any problem than do share it with me I will sort it out for you. If you like my step by step tutorial than do share it with your friends on your social profiles.

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