Simplest Ever Polka Dots Nail Art Designs Tutorial with Step by Step Instructions for Beginners

Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial
Written by Alina Angel

Fashion industry is on fire, every day trends changed and new styles claims the place in market same situation is here in nail designing. There are a lot of nail designs are famous but now a days Polka Dots Nail Designs are very famous. Today i will a share a brief step by step tutorial about polka dots nail designs for beginners. As you know I am a beautician and model so I have to keep eye on international fashion trends and designs. I have seen many celebrities like Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie & Emma Watson having polka dots designs on their finger nails. After noticing this trend I recently shared some Easy Polka Dots Nail Designs for Beginners. I have a lot of positive feedback about these designs and many readers of my blog asked me to write a brief Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial. In the following tutorial you will learn how you can design polka dots on your finger nails. If you want to do these designs on your toe nails you can follow same instructions.

Most of girl treats with their hands as of princess who would take all steps that give their hands pretty look. To male girls hands more attractive I am going to unfold some easy and simple tutorial of polka dot nail art. I will clear all basic steps one by one for polka design of nail art such that no confusion will come. To learn exact and right techniques of polka nail art design have a look at step by step tutorial. One of the special things about this nail art is that you don’t require any type of tools. So you can easily try these nail art at home.

Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial Requirements

  • Base coat
  • Colorful Nail Paint
  • Toothpick or dotting tool
  • Top coat

Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial, Step by Step Instructions

Here I am going to write all important steps that you will need for polka dot nail art.

  1. Firstly ready your nail for this nail art. Check out that your nails are properly manicured. Then I will suggest you to apply base coat. Base coat is compulsory because use of top coat will save your nail from any damage.
  2. Then pick different color of nail paint. Here I have selected light color of yellow, purple, zinc and pink. One by one I have applied these five colors on my all hand fingers. Now wait until they get dry.
  3. Now for dotting purpose here I also used multi five colors. You can also use bobby pin or top of pencil. Thickness of dots will depend on how strongly you press down and also on amount of polish on your dotting tool.
  4. You have to wait for its complete dry. In every step you have to wait for the next step otherwise your nail art will completely destroyed because wet nail polish. Lastly apply top coat on your nail art.

Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Now your nail art is ready to show off. I hope you have enjoyed the way in which I have cleared all the basic steps of polka dot nail art. If you face any problem or issue you can consult with me I will sort it out for you. Do share this tutorial with your friends on your social profiles.




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