How to Do Acrylic Nail Designs? Simple Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

acrylic nail art step by step tutorial
Written by Alina Angel

Don’t know How to Do Acrylic Nail Art Designs? We prepared a brief and easy tutorial with Step by Step Instructions about doing Acrylic Nail Art. We have talked many of times about acrylic nail art designs. We have already get the ideas of acrylic nail art designs. Today we will teach you a complete procedure of acrylic nail art step by step. This step by step tutorial of acrylic nail art can sparkle you short nails. The beautiful images below is section of Step By Step tutorial of acrylic nail art. Don’t miss to check out these Acrylic Nail Art Ideas for Beginners.

Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial with Step by Step Instructions

  • Firstly remove old nail paint. In order to apply fake nails check your nail whether they are properly manicured or not. If you are having old nail polish on your nails then it will make hard to stick fake nails. If you will not take these necessary steps your fake nails will separate out from nails within one or two days. It is great embarrassment for you. So manicure is necessary step for applying fake nails Infuse your nail in hand soap or body wash solution .You can add some body wash or hand soap to the water if you want. For this manicure Don’t use oily solution even they are giving moisture to your nail because it will create difficulties in applying fake nails.
  • Properly trim and then file your nails with the help of filer. These are basics step before doing any kind of nail art Now your nails are ready to apply acrylic nails. Open the packet of acrylic nails. You can purchase acrylic nails of different shape which are easily available in market. Full kit of acrylic nail art can be purchased from market.
  • Open the new kit of acrylic nails. Greater nail will be for thumb and shorter will be for littlest finger.
  • Twirl a drop of gum on your real nail and another drop of glue on the part of the fake nail that will be attached to you. Cautiously place the fake nail directly over your actual nail so that the bottom bow lines up correctly with your cuticle. Press it firmly and hold for 15 seconds to let it set and dry.
  • One by one apply all remaining acrylic nails
  • Check out your nails that they are completely dry if yes then apply some unique nail art to give them dazzling look as I have shared below.

Have a closer look at the picture below and get idea about how can u do simple acrylic nail art tutorial.

acrylic nail art step by step tutorial

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