Simple & Easy to Do Cute Nail Art Designs for Teenagers and Young Girls

cute nail designs for teenagers
Written by Alina Angel

On my blog I share thousands of cute & Simple nail designs but most of them are for young girls and mature women but yesterday I got a mail from one of my regular reader who asked me to share some Nail designs for teenagers. I was amused when she introduced her self to me. She was only 15 years old and I became very happy to know that teenagers are also loving my blog. On her wish today I am sharing some very cute, elegant and lovely looking nail art designs for teen girls.
These designs looks very beautiful and complex looking but if you do them with a little attention you can get great results from out of it. No special expertise are required to complete these designs but you need to keep your hands stable.

Nail Art Designs for Cute Little Teenagers

Following are nine different styles of different categories which I choose for “teenagers“. Have a closer look at the pictures and read the description of every design carefully. After that choose the style you want to do and start working on your nails. I hope you will get best results out of it. If you face any problem do not hesitate to contact me. I will love to help you out.

Black & White Acrylic Dotted Nail Design with Pink Hearts

On top of my list of beautiful nail designs for teenagers I select this very graceful nail design due to its impressive look, style specially the pink heart on small finger nail. Because it is an acrylic nail design that’s why you can easily do it at home all you need to know is how to apply acrylic nails.

cute nail designs for teenagers

Pink Hello Kitty Nail Design for Teen

Hello Kitty Nail Design is very popular in kids & teens that’s why I ranked this design at second spot. At first look you might thought it is difficult but I assure u it is as simple as applying simple nail polish. All you have to do is to apply a pink base coat of your favorite nail polish and draw black kitty on your thumb’s nail with black nail polish by using a simple tooth pick.

cute nail designs for teenagers2

Orange & Black Nail Design With White Dots

I drive this nail design theme from a very popular “Lady Bird Nail Design” but I changed the design a little. Apply base coat of Orange color nail polish and draw curve border near the tip of your nail and fill the space with black color nail polish. After that simply put some white dots and your design is ready.

cute nail designs for teenagers3

Pink & Black Nail Design With Red & White Flower

This is a bit complicated design but doing it carefully can give you very good results. Choose a nail polish with light pink color and measure the center of your nail tip and draw two lines with equal difference from center.The line should start from the tip of your nail and ends at the center of your nail. You will get a box type space on your pink coat. Apply black color in the box and let it dry. After that draw a little circle with red color nail polish and draw even more white circles around the red circle. You will get amazing flower design on your nail. This design is very popular in teenager as they really like the design and color combination of nail polish.

cute nail designs for teenagers4

Red Lady Bird Nail Design

As you can understand the design with its name. A very common, easy to do nail art but very beautiful nail design for little girl. I saw many young girls doing this design specially on Christmas day.

cute nail designs for teenagers5

Blue Acrylic Nail Design with Cute Roses

You can find these acrylic nails in market easily. All you need to do is to draw beautiful roses on these nails. Get the idea from the following picture and enjoy this amazing nail design for little girls.

cute nail designs for teenagers

Multi Designs Nail Art for Little Girls

This is a unique designs where you can draw multiple designs on your fingers. In this picture I draw different styles of every finger. I use Piano, Rhinestone, Cross, Bird and stripe designs for my different nails. This is an advance level nail design so you need to be an expert to do these designs.

cute nail designs for teenagers

Flower Acrylic Nail Designs for Kids

Choose your favorite acrylic nail which have flower designs. I choose black acrylic nails full with flowers and apply them on my nails. A simple design to do at home.

cute nail designs for teenagers

Multi Coloring Nail Designs

These are simple designs and can easily be done at home without any special expertise. In the following picture I am showing some designs. You can get the idea and can make your own nail design of your choice.

cute nail designs for teenagers

I hope you read this article closely and watch the images with keen. I am waiting for your feedback about these designs. If you like this article than share it with your friends on your social profiles.

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