Simple DIY Nail Art Designs With Step By Step Tutorials

Simple DIY Nail Design Tutorials
Written by Alina Angel

There are increasing articles and pictures on DIY nail tutorials but you never seen simple tutorials with step by step instruction I am going to share with you. Here I am also going to share some Simple DIY nail designs and step tutorials along with a number of photos. Hope you will like it. I recommend you to also visit 3 Simple Step By Step Nail Art Designs with Tutorials.

Simple DIY Heart Shaped Nail Art

Girls may love to decorate nails with hearts. Particularly on date night or valentine day, girls decorate nails with hearts of different colors. Drawing hearts is easy and it takes no time to draw it. All you need is special tool brushes and liner. Have a look on steps of drawing in pictures.

Simple DIY Nail Art with Tape

Tapes are available in home and it can be useful for drawing shapes and patterns over nails. Adhesive tapes can be pasted according to desired shapes as in parallel lines and more than three colors are used to apply paint over tape. Later tape is removed and look at the fantastic designs on nails. Step by step guide can be looked in pictures below.

DIY Peacock Nail Art Designs

Peacock designs can also be applied over nails. Mostly colors of green and blue are preferred over other colors and glitter is also added for real look but you need nail art kit for this design to try it yourself.

DIY Black and White Nail Art Designs

Black and white combination is trending nowadays and it is mostly adored o formal occasions and night parties. Different graphic, floral, cartoon and shoe designs are used in black and white combination. You can look at a number of pictures that show black and white color combination.

These were some of the best DIY Nail Designs which are really simple and easy to understand. I hope you can understand these instructions. If you face any problem than contact me on my social profiles. Do share this article with your friends.

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