Simple & Easy Nail Art Designs for Kids

Simple Nail Designs for Kids
Written by Alina Angel

This post is specially for teenagers and kids. Here we are sharing some very simple and easy but elegant nail art designs for children. I have shared a lot of articles for girls and woman but hardly any article for teenage girls so I am going to write this articles for little girls and kids who love fashion and adores nail art style. These designs can be very easy and be applied by elder sister or mother and they suit most in little hands. Visit more Simple Nail Art Designs also.

Easy and Simple Nail Art Designs for Children

Dots and strips are easy to apply in nails of little girls and they are very easy to draw and design. Nail colors in two different colors can look amazing in little girl’s nails.

Cartoon Nail Art for Kids

Cartoons are drawn in girls nail. They can be in form of sticker or applied design. Little girls adore Minnie mouse, puss and black cat in designs a lot. Apply these cartoon can suit their age most.

Christmas Nail Art for Kids

Little girls can draw nail designs according to Christmas seasonal ideas. However it r4equire some extra blemishes and glitter which can be looked in pictures below.

Heart Nail Polish Designs for Kids

Little hearts are also drawn in nails of little girls and they look fabulous and classy. They can be drawn by some expert.

Simple Floral Nail Designs for Kids

Flowers are drawn in nails for little girls and they require less effort and struggle. Little girls most likely adore pink floral nail designs.

I would love to hear from you that your kids loved these designs. If you have any question than contact me and do share this post with your friends on your social profiles.

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