5 Simple & Easy but Cute Polka Dots Nail Designs for Beginners to Do at Home

Polka Dots Nail Design
Written by Alina Angel

Simple single color nail designs are history as there are thousands of new trends of nail art designs are in. Polka Dots Nail Designs are latest nail style trend firstly appeared in market at the start of year 2014. While talking about women beauty, hands play an important role. To make hands beautiful women have to choose their nail designs carefully. Here polka dots nail designs comes into help. Whenever you are wearing any dress having contrast color combination simply go for polka nail designs. For example if you choose a dress with white and red color combination simply apply dark color base coat on your nails, here I am talking about dark color which is red so apply base coat of your red nail polish and let it dry. After that simple place white dots according to the pattern shown in below images by using simple tooth pick. You can do same combination on your every fingernail or you can separately go for different patterns.

Simple Polka Dots Nail Designs Ideas for Beginners to Do at Home

Today I will share simple and easy designs of polka dots nail art. These designs are very easy to do at home. Making of different design of polka dot nail art is common approach of everyone. Most important thing here is that where you will find simple and easy collection of polka dots nail art? For you convenience here I have post few designs of polka dot nail art. I hope you will find all these designs easy. This site has variety of well-made and unique nail art designs. You can mix up polka dots nail designs with lines nail designs and can create a beautiful combination of nail designs as well.

Minon Polka Dots Nail Art

Minon polka dots nail designs will be suit on Disney trip. As you have seen that it very simple nails art. Very common color of nail paint will be used for this nail art e.g. white, red and black. it will give your hand very dazzling look.

Polka Dots Nail design

Red And White polka Dot Nail Art

This nail art is also very easy. You have to apply just one color of nail then by using toothpick or dotting tool you can make dots. You can use bright color like white and red. You must try this nail art home because it is very simple and easy.

Easy Polka Dots Nail design

French Polka Dot Nail Art

I have post design of French nail art but in this type you have to make dots only on French part. Remaining part of nail will remain simple. This simple and different design makes your hands look more stunning.

Cute Polka Dots Nail design

Half Polka Dot Nail Art

In this nail art you have to make dots only on half of the nail. You can paint Remaining nail with different color of nail art. Selection of color depends on your choice.

Polka Dots Nail Design for beginners

Black And Golden Dot Nail Art

Black and golden is very attractive combination of color. You can make different designs using both color but here I have make polka dot nail design which is very easy for all girls especially for little girls.

Polka Dots Nail Design


I hope you have seen my polka nail designs deeply and now I would like to suggest you to do these designs at home because these are very simple designs at you can do these designs easily at home. If you face any problem you can discuss it with me I will love to sort it out for you. Do share these designs with your friends on your social profiles.

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