Trendy & Cute But Simple Pedicure Designs for Beginners to Do at Home

trendy pedicure designs
Written by Alina Angel

If you are looking for trendy pedicure designs than I suggest you to try these cute, elegant but simple toe nail designs. These pedicure designs are very cute and trendy but very simple to do even beginners can do these designs at home. No special expertise or tools required to do these trendy toe nail designs. After applying any one of the following design you will feel the difference and your feet will show a new and fresh look. All these trendy but simple pedicure designs are made of stylish and fresh colors. You may have seen many pedicure designs but these designs are unique and I bet when you do these designs your friends will pay special attention to your feet and they will ask you about these designs, so get comfortable and prepare to make your toe nails unique by applying following trendy pedicure designs.

Simple But Trendy Pedicure Designs for Beginners

Applying simple nail polish to toe nails is history and now there are thousands of different pedicure designs are available in market. If you are into fashion and like to do latest fashion trends and styles than you may already know that doing old and regular nail designs is not a very good idea specially when you are going to a party or you are preparing your self for a special occasion like Christmas etc. Fashion trends are changed regularly on daily basis, and the same situation is here in nail designing. If you do same old pedicure designs in traditional way you may not doing well because people like new styles. If you show your glamour by doing latest fashion they will pay special attention to you. Don’t forget to visit Whatsapp Status Hut for latest quotes.

Trendy Flower Toe Nail Designs

Applying flower pedicure designs with fruity nail designs can make your feet classy specially if you do these designs on spring season. You can do these designs on your fingernails as well as on your toe nails. Always use shiny colors like red, yellow, orange and green etc. Always use contrast of dark and light color. Apply base coat of any dark color nail polish to your toe nails and choose right light color according to your dressing to draw flowers. You can use to draw roses, sun flower etc. For best result I suggest you to use nail art pen or brush but if you don’t have any than no problem you can go for a toothpick also.

Pedicure Designs with Trendy Embellishments

If you know How to Apply Rhinestones, gems or beads than you can do these designs easily. These designs are very pretty and trendy. Some days ago I visited a wedding party of my friend. I choose gems to give my toe nails unique look and believe me, many women and girls were staring at my feet and many girls asked me about tips to do these pedicure designs at home. Do try any one of following design and let me know about the results.

Easy Stripe Pedicure Designs

These designs are very cute looking but very easy to do at home. I have shared some pictures so that you can gain idea what I am talking about but you can create your own design with different stripes patterns. Basic technique is to apply base coat of any light color nail polish and draw stripes on a specific pattern with dark colors.

Simple French Pedicure Designs

If you want to do some casual but trendy pedicure designs than I will suggest you to go for French Pedicure Designs.If you want to give your feet a cute look while you are on job or at home than French Pedicure designs are perfect designs for you. Following are some trendy ideas about french pedicure designs.

I hope you have seen these designs carefully and now try any one of these designs and make your feet trendy. If you face any problem you can discuss with me I will sort it out for you. If you like these designs than don’t forget to share this article with your friends on your social profiles.

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