Easy & Beautiful Gradient Toe Nail Designs Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners to Do at Home

toe nail designs step by step
Written by Alina Angel

Today I am sharing very unique and latest nail designs for toe nails. I am talking about Gradient Toe Nail Designs and here in this step by step tutorial you will learn how can you easily do gradient toe nail designs easily at home. When I first saw this design on internet I thought it is a difficult task to complete this design neatly but when I did these toe nail designs step by step I found out that this is a very simple design with a very beautiful theme. If you are not an expert of nail designing than I would rather suggest you to buy glitter tips from market. Hence this is a new design you may not be able to get one from market but you can try other toe nail designs and just follow the step by step instructions given below.

Gradient Theme Toe Nail Designs Step by Step Tutorial

Now a days nail designing is a must do job to stay into the sea of fashion. Your hands & feet play an important role in your visual beauty. You may have a costly dress with a beautiful pair of sandals and you may have done a great make-up but if you have not pay attention to your nails, all of your efforts to make yourself beautiful might gone in vain. Without a soft and silky hands and properly pedicure feet you can’t show the height of your internal glamour. To make your hands and feet beautiful you have to take advantage of nail art designing. Here Simple Nail Designs is helping you by presenting beautiful toe nail designs step by step. Have a look at the following amazing Gradient Toe Nail Designs tutorial with brief step by step instructions for beginners. For your comfort I have designed a picture which will guide you through this tutorial.

Toe Nail Designs Step by Step Instructions

To do this nail design you must have the following equipment.

  • Nail art brush
  • White Nail Polish
  • Glitter Nail Polish
  • Silver Nail Polish
  • Acrylic Powder
  • Nails Stick
  • Rhinestones or Studs

toe nail designs step by step

  1. First of all apply the base coat of white color and leave it to get dry for about 4 to 5 minutes.
  2. Apply Glitter nail polish theme slightly according to the above picture.
  3. Let it dry also so that you may proceed further.
  4. Apply metallic nail polish and let it dry as well.
  5. Create paste by using acrylic powder.
  6. Draw flower with acrylic paste.
  7. Put rhinestones on the spots you can see in the above picture.

I hope you will like this tutorial and will try this toe nail designs step by step at home. If you face any difficulty do share it with me, I will love to sort it out for you. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends on your social profiles.

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