Unique Social Media Nail Art Designs Using Twitter, Facebook etc Icons

Social Media Nail Art 2015
Written by Alina Angel

Today I am going to post a very unique article that is social media nail art. I hope it will prove helpful for you. I have discussed mainly Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which has become very important part of social media on internet.

Social Media Nail Art Designs

People move to share with everyone using social media platform YouTube, Facebook, twitter and tumble when they become more passionate about their interest. Now days more platforms has become for the convenience of people for example Instagram and Pinterest etc. people can also communicate and share their ideas on their own blog.

Chrome Browser Nail Design

Chrome nail art is looking very attractive in the following picture. As you know that Chrome is browser from which we can search anything which we need. In this nail art very lovely colors are using there it also looks very beautiful.

Social Media Nail Art 2015

Twitter Nail Art Design

In this nail art sky blue Color will be used for twitter representation. Base should be colored with white then it will give perfect look of twitter it also an app of social media through people communicates to each other.

Social Media Nail Art 2015

Facebook Nail Design

Facebook is the biggest social media platform through which people are doing chatting, sharing and commenting on each other. For this purpose you have to make sign of message, friend request, notification and timeline on your fingernails as shown in following picture then it will represent Facebook. Chose this in your Whatsapp Status.Social Media Nail Art 2015

Computer Browser Nail Design

In this type of nail art all social media will be used because we can easily any browser of our choice. I will suggest you draw internet, opera chrome, and Firefox as in following picture. I hope it will the best idea that ever I have shared.

Social Media Nail Art 2015

YouTube nail art Design

As you all know about that YouTube is best platform for uploading videos, sharing videos. For making YouTube nail art on your nail you should draw sign of play, stop and full symbol of YouTube on fingernails. It will give stunning look to your nail and perfectly look like YouTube symbols.

Social Media Nail Art 2015

Apple Icon Nail Design

Nail art of apple will give you hand a very handsome look. Now day’s products of Apple Company are very famous and good. I will recommend applying apple nail art that have iPhone, tabs and laptops of apple. It will suit them a lot.

Social Media Nail Art 2015


I hope you will like these Amazing social media nail art designs. Try these designs and if you like than share these designs with your social media lover friends.

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