How to Do Black And White Water Marble Nail Art Designs Step By Step Tutorial for Beginners

water marble nail art for beginners
Written by Alina Angel

Here I am sharing an easy step by step tutorial about water marble nail art for beginners. Water marble nail art is very unique and attractive design. Today I am going to post step by step tutorial of water marble nail art using black and white color. As you all know that combination of white and black gives classical look to you. Marble nail art is a beautiful and attractive way to style your nail. Here I will give all simple and necessary steps for water marble nail art. Have a look at brief instruction of tutorial about water marble nail art for beginners. Check out more Simple Nail Art Tutorials also.

Water Marble Nail Art for Beginners Requirements

  1. Base Coat
  2. Black And White Color Of Nail Paint
  3. Dotting tool or Ball Pen
  4. Scotch Tape
  5. Bowl Filled With Water
  6. Top Coat

Water Marble Nail Art for Beginners Tutorial

Water Marble Nail Art for Beginners

  • Ready your nails for water marble nail art. Your nails should be manicured because it will make more shiny and glossy your hands. Now apply base coat to your nails
  • Cut a scotch tape of desired length and stick it on surrounding area of nail as required. Now take bowl of clean water and then start pouring drop wise nail paint in this water.
  • Firstly fall a drop of black nail paint with nail paint brush. It will spread immediately now you try to give it round shape by shaking the bowl. Now pour one more drop with white nail paint on this black drop. One by repeat this step and you will repeat this step 4 to 5 times.
  • Water Marble Nail Art for Beginners
  • Now take dotting tool or ball pen to make desired shape for your nail art. Here I have divide it into two parts. You can make many lines as you want. Next Dip you finger on nail paint of bowl horizontally after one second change it in vertically. Wait for 10 seconds to dry the outer nail polish and then with the dotting tool in a rotating movement clean the nail polish in the bowl.
  • Water Marble Nail Art for Beginners
  • Required design has printed on your nail. Firstly it will be very messy after removing scotch tape from your nail it will start to give a beautiful and dazzling look. Don’t forget to apply top coat for your nail art protection and for making extra shiny and glossy.

Water Marble Nail Art for Beginners

I hope you already read this tutorial carefully. Do try this tutorial and if you face any difficulty do let me know I will sort it out for you. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends on your social profiles.



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